Thursday, August 16, 2012

ramadan day 28

Today was last day of fasting while in the office.  Next week, I will be back to emptying out the water cooler. :)  Once again, I got to the end of the day, and didnt realize right away that it was time to break my fast.  I wasnt in a big rush to drink water.  I just had a little juice and some raisins and walnuts and then went to do magrib.

I had my third interview with the company in Singapore.  Another hour long technical interview.  Last week, I was upset and felt like a loser.  At the end of tonight's call I just was glad to have it be
over.  I would love to live somewhere overseas but I'm not sure this is the place for me.  I'll just turn it over to Allah. 

I feel tired still.  I took a nap before breaking fast but I still feel tired.  I was trying to finish my quran reading for the day and I just couldnt get my brain to process anymore.  I still have some to do before sleeping.

Peace and blessings to all

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  1. Congratulations on making it through all of the fasting days while at the office! Don't go crazy with the water cooler next week. Save some for other people. :)

    Last week you felt like a loser and yet clearly the company thought otherwise. Perhaps someone needs to have a little more confidence in themselves. ;) I see this as a life lesson. A lot of times when we THINK things are not going our way, they really are. We don't realize it at the time, but a bigger and better plan is taking shape. This is why it's good that you turn it over to Allah. He knows what He's doing! :-)

    Hope you got enough sleep last night. I have no excuse and yet I am so tired! Have a great day, James!