Tuesday, August 14, 2012

ramadan day 26

I was doing laundry late last night and didnt get to bed until midnight.  Then, having to get up at 4am to cook suhoor and do my cardio exercise was brutal.  I was so tired all day.  Some times I would be sitting at my desk, close my eyes for a second and could almost feel myself going to sleep.  I made it through the day came home and immediately took  a nap.  I have pretty much adjusted to fasting and being without food and drink.  The lack of sleep really does me in still. 

I know that other muslims will stay at the mosque to pray on the odd numbered nights in order to hit the night of power.  When I was there sunday, I saw sleeping bags in the back of the prayer hall in the mosque.  I dont know if I could do that if I was working during the day at the same time. 

It's just not good for me emotionally or physically when I'm sleep deprived.  I get upset much more easily and worse I get really absent minded.

I heard from the recruiter in Singapore this morning.  The company definitely is interested in me and wants to do a third interview.  It's another technical interview, which is all of the fun of having your teeth pulled I imagine.   See how it goes.

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  1. You're going to do well on your next interview. :) Lack of sleep is not good for anyone. You fasted during the toughest time of year. You didn't just get your feet wet. You dove right in. Interesting about the night of power. Here it was just one set night. Just a few more days to go, James! You're almost there. :-)