Saturday, August 11, 2012

ramadan day 23

Today was another day of fasting and reading the quran.  Heading into the last week of ramadan, I dont know that I feel significantly different than before.  I have fasted the each day, but I dont know
that I feel any closer to achieving taqwa now.  I havent been diligent in performing a self evaluation
before breaking fast.  I havent done anything as egregious as sex, blatantly gossiping or lying.  I have
used some foul language though.  I try to limit myself but when I get upset, certain words end up coming out. 

I thought about going to iftar again at the mosque but decided against it.  I had a lot of errands to run including taking care of my cat, making sure he gets all of his meds.  Probably a pretty lame excuse but that's what happened. 

Peace and blessings to all

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  1. If you had a lot to do, then that's a reason, not an excuse. And if you really didn't want to go to iftar it's o.k. to admit that. I'm sure it's tough to do things like that alone. Honestly the reason I went to Iftar yesterday was to support my parents. They sponsored it last night (meaning they helped organize it and pay for the food). I usually don't go.

    Based on some of your comments here, it seems to me like you've gained great insights during this month, which in turn has helped me. If you gained even a little, that is something to be proud of. As humans we are all works in progress. You are mindful of the fact that you have used foul language, which is the first step in cutting down and eliminating it. So, you're on the right track. Keep being mindful of it and keep working on it even when Ramadan is over. In this world there is no such thing as perfection, but it's the journey in trying to better ourselves that matters most.