Tuesday, August 7, 2012

ramadan day 19

Today I had a meeting at work for the entire division.  It was to introduce the new division head.  The bad part about it was that there were refreshments served.  Fruit, pastries, coffee, and juice.  It was hard not to go get something, especially when my co workers were asking me why I didnt.  But, I just sat there without getting anything.  I didnt really explain myself either, so I havent had the courage to tell people that I'm a muslim.

I have found that fasting has gotten easier the last few weeks.  The problem now has been the lack of sleep from getting up early for Suhoor.  I was so tired this afternoon, I put my head down on my desk and I was almost out completely.  I came home after work, went to get some medicine for my cat, came back home and crashed for a couple hours until sun down. 

I have also found that when I break fast, I'm not in a big rush to eat a ton of food either.  I'm thirsty and I drink maybe 3 glasses of water.  But, tonight for example, I only had a salad with some chicken, some soup, and a chicken wrap.  I was tempted to go buy ice cream but decided against it.  I just dont feel the need to stuff myself even though I havent eaten all day.  Maybe that's part of the point of fasting.  To see that we don't actually need the things we think we need.

Peace and blessings to all

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  1. Have you tried writing the pros and cons about telling people? You might find that it would help you to tell them. Also, it might be helpful to write down why you're afraid to tell them if you haven't already done that. If your lifestyle change does not negatively impact your job performance it shouldn't matter to them which religion you practice. You may even have a lot of support from them. They will probably respect your willpower and determination, and if not there is at least one national organization out there whose purpose is to protect the rights of Muslims.

    Have you tried doing mild exercises at your desk when you get tired? Nothing strenuous of course. :) You are doing great. Ramadan will be over soon and you will happily look back on this month. Remember also, that this is the most difficult time of year to fast - long hot days. It will not always be like this, as Ramadan gets 10 days earlier each year.

    You are gaining great insight from this experience. Yes, one of the goals of fasting is to realize that we don't actually need the things we think we need, and I'm sure you realize this can apply to more than just food.

    Keep it up and keep sharing, James! :-)