Tuesday, August 14, 2012

ramadan day 25

I recited the quran instead of reading it.  I learned in class on sunday that they are two different things. It's good to know these things I guess.  Reciting means reading aloud.  I read aloud but very softly since I read in my office during lunch.

I found out that the company in Singapore wants a third interview despite the fact that I didnt do well last time.  I still have mixed feelings about it.  Mostly, I like the idea of moving to Singapore more than I like this particular company.  It would give me a chance to have a fresh start on life.  I can be openly muslim without the baggage of past relationships. 

Iftar consisted of leftover pizza and asparagus while doing my laundry and watching star trek. :)

Peace and blessings to all

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  1. Good to know the difference between reading and reciting. :-)

    Congratulations on getting a third interview! If they want a third interview you probably did better on the last one than you thought. Good luck on the next one! :-)

    Getting a fresh start is always a good thing, but you can do that anywhere you choose to. I can understand how a change of scenery and a new culture altogether would help, but if that's not possible you can still let go and move on wherever you live. Your divorce is still pretty new, but eventually it will get easier to live the life you want to live openly.

    Nice iftar! ;-) Have a great day, James!