Friday, August 10, 2012

ramadan day 22

I went to jumah today.  I really liked the khutbah.  He talked about how despite how muslims are treated by other people, we should still care about others.  Really, we have no idea what non-muslim today might be taking shahada tomorrow.  It's pretty much how I feel about all people.  Yes, I understand the concept of an ummah and that all muslims are together.  But, I feel that Islam was created for all of humanity.  I care and love all people, non-muslim or muslim.  

I paid my zakat al fitr after jumah today.  I'm looking forward to Eid Salat.  It's near where I live.  It would also be nice to eat lunch again. :) 

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  1. Thank you for the reminder about Zakat! I need to do that! Get there early for Eid Salat. If it's like anything here it will be very crowded. :) Yes, it will be nice for you to eat lunch again. :) Skipping any meals really messes me up, but I'm glad you're able to fast everyday! I agree with you about caring for others no matter what. This is what Islam teaches and it's in my nature to be that way too. :-)